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Future Mecca – Saudi projects

future mecca

As more than 2.5 million Muslims from across the world flood Mecca’s narrow streets for annual Hajj pilgrimage. Development is necessary for future Mecca.  As one of the five pillars of Islam, the pilgrimage marks an important experience for many of the faith’s adherent who are expected to visit the holy site “Kaaba” as least once in their lives. The pilgrimage ... Read More »

Martyrs of Karbala and Kufa

Imam Hussain AS Shrine

Brief notes of martyrs of Karbala and Kufa with Imam Husain (SA).  The Battle of Karbala took place on Muharram 10, in the year 61 AH of the Islamic calendar in Karbala, situated in present day Iraq. The battle was between a small group of supporters and relatives of Muhammad’s grandson Hussein ibn Ali and a much larger military detachment from ... Read More »

Ramadan – the month of blessings, forgiveness and fasting


Ramadan – This word literally means “One that Burns” According to scholars, in this month the Sins are burnt away… therefore it is called Ramadan. The Month of Ramadan begins when the new Crescent is sighted on the 29th of Shabaan, otherwise it starts after the 30 days of Shabaan are completed. It is the month during which prophet hood ... Read More »

Blessing of Allah on Durood (Salawat) Reader

Prophet Mohammed SAW

Salawat or Darood Sharif is an invocation which Muslims make by saying specific phrases to compliment the Prophet Mohammad (SAW). Durood Shareef is itself Light and when Light enters the soul every aspiration is achieved and every goal is won. Jibrail once came to prophet Mohohammed (saw) and said: Allah has given me the knowledge to count Every leaf on ... Read More »

Detail Information of Kaaba


What is Kaaba : The Kaaba is a building located inside the masjid known as Al-Masjidu’l-Haram in Mecca. The masjid was built around the original Kaaba. The Kaaba is the holiest place in Islam. Muslims throughout the world face the Kaaba during their prayers. The Kaaba is a large masonry structure roughly the shape of a cube. (The name Kaaba ... Read More »

Delaying Hajj? Think again!


The auspicious Hajj trip is one of the five pillars of Islam, a onetime obligation upon those who have the ability to perform it. Every year millions of devout Muslims answer the call to Hajj following in the footsteps of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in answering the call of their father Ibrahim. Unfortunately, many people delay performing the ... Read More »

Ramadan diet for better health

ramadan diet

This article provides useful advice on how to avoid some common problems encountered for Ramadan diet. If followed, it would enable one to fast comfortably and enjoy fully the spiritual benefits of Ramadan. During the holy month of Ramadan, our diet should not differ very much from our normal diet and should be as simple as possible. The diet should ... Read More »

Ramadan – What is Ramadan?


  What is Ramadan? Ramadan (also romanized as Ramazan, Ramadhan, or Ramathan) is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting (Sawm) to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Prophet Mohammad SAW. This annual observance is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Ramadan is taken ... Read More »

Marvels of the Holy Quran

Quran noor

Shehrullah is the month in which Quran e Majeed was revealed to Rasulullah (SAW). In this month, mumineen do tilawat of Quran e Majeed with added fervor as Hudat Kiram (AS) have informed that reciting a single ayah of Quran e Majeed in Shehrullah equals reciting the whole Quran in any other month. Rasulullah (SAW) says: The one who listens ... Read More »

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