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Evil Eye, in the Sacred Science

Professional exploiters, commonly known as spiritual healers, whose majority consist of the clergy, mislead the masses, who approach them in trouble. These Thugs use all tactics to grab money and valuables in the name of cure from the Evil Eye. Many women, who visit these Amils and Mullas, become targeted and lose their chastity. It is time that now not only the concern authorities, but law enforcing agencies should take serious action to eliminate these criminal clerics.

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An article published in “The Economist”, December 23rd 2006 insulted the faith of Muslims on Jinn and invisible forces. The Christian writer attempted fully to show that it is factious and is the belief of the fools and illiterates, as a matter of fact, it is discussed by the Quraan and other sacred literatures. Not only in Asia, Africa and Arabia, but also in the modern world, people of various religions are afraid of the Evil Eye. They make all possible efforts to remain secure from this nasty problem, but it still attacks them. Recorded cases of exploitation and fraud has force us to write on the topic of the Evil Eye for wider understanding from the primary sources. The best minds in every nation do not ignore the fact that the Evil Eye is true, although they differ on its causes and effects. Some people say that when people who touch others by the Evil Eye feel evilness in their hearts. Their eyes transform the evil thoughts into harmful rays just like the snake, which looks towards its prey and transmits poison in it, which cause its death. Allah has granted powers to some of its creation that have profound effect on some other creations. For instance, have you not noticed how the face of the shy person turns red if his sight falls on what is not suitable for him, and turns yellow when he looks at someone he fears? One of the deep and often undiscovered diseases is jealousy. Likewise the Evil Eye is a daughter of jealousy, plays a wicked role due to poisonous feelings. A poet of Arabi literature discussed the Evil Eye in the following words:

“Ma Kana Ahwaja Zal Kamale ila;
Aebin Yuqehey Min al Ayn”

(A competent person needs more a flaw, which protect him from the evil eye)

It was the first sin in our creation, committed by the arch criminal, Iblis. The Jealousy of Iblis with Adam (A.S.) and Qabil with Habil (A.S.) was based solely due to the elevation to the high status from their Lord, which resulted in enmity. This jealousy gave birth to the Evil Eye, in turn. This evil runs through the history of humankind, like the killing of one of the sons of Adam (A.S.), again due to jealousy. The Evil Eye is a cancer of the soul. It is a common phenomenon that some time we hear from friends or relatives, praise of someone, and soon after he is afflicted. Jealousy is a part of the domain of unseen evil, whose existence is believed by people of all the Sacred-Scriptures unanimously. Most frequent source of Evil Eye is the jealous-person. It starts when a person likes a thing, and then his evil feelings affect it, by means of his repeated by watching the object with jealousy. He sees a blessing and wishes for its removal, and whenever he sees it pains his heart, and he gathers all his poison to be directed with envy. However, sometimes, one can unintentionally have Ayn (Evil Eye) upon another person, without jealousy. A Hadith says:

“Whoever among you sees something someone’s possessions that he likes let him offer Doa for blessing for it, because the Evil Eye is real.”

The Arabi word al Ayn, translated as the Evil Eye, refers to a person who harms another with his eyes. The Evil Eye is just like a transmitted disease, usually without intention, by someone. A person, otherwise not evil any way, can harm you, your children, your house, your health, wealth and so on by looking at you with envy. A well-wisher can also affect someone through his eye for a time. Just out of love unintentionally, so it does not always have “Evil” intentions attached to it. Belief in the Evil Eye, a universal phenomenon, is well established in all the religions. According to the Surat No.113: Ayat No. 5, it is the evil effect of a jealous glance, which is visualized. Syedna Taher Saifuddin, one of the significant scholars of the Muslim world, interpreted the meaning of the Quraan, in Arabi prose and poetry. He explained the subject of Surat al Falaq so beautifully through following verse:

Nauzubika Allahumma Min Sharri Man Aata;
Wa Man Kana Naffasan, Wa Man Kana Hasida

(O Allah! We seek Your protection from the person who disobeyed You; and from the nasty act of the one who practice charm and magic, and from the Evil of the one who is jealous).A Hadith says:

“The Evil Eye is a reality”

Ibn Khaldun says: “that the Evil Eye is a psychic influence exercised by the soul of a person, who has the Evil Eye and that it does not depend on the free choice of its possessor. When a thing or situation appears pleasing to the eye of such a person he likes it outrageously, it creates jealousy and the desire to take from its owner. Therefore, he prefers to destroy it. The application of the Evil Eye is involuntary on his part and therefore; he should not be punished by death, unlike the magician. Evil Eye can destroy families, friendships and communities. As everything is a creation of Allah, nothing has the unchecked power to hurt human, if one seek protection of Allah and take His refuge. For the defense of the object, it is necessary that the observer should recite “Mashallah” and “Barakallah”.

According to “Nayl al Awtaar” of al Bazzaar, Syedna Jabir (R.A.) narrated from Rasulullah (S):

“Most of those who die among my Ummah, die because of the will and decree of Allah, and then because of the Evil Eye.”

Another Hadith says:

“One third went in the grave because of the Evil Eye”

If a person fears of someone’s jealousy, he must ask refuge of Allah and should take defensive measures. The word Hasid (jealous) is more specific in meaning than the word Ayn (one who puts the Evil Eye on another). The Evil Eye is like an arrow, which comes from the jealous soul. Sometimes the Evil Eye may hit the target and sometimes it may miss. If the target is exposed and unprotected, it will affect him, but if the target is alert, vigilant and armed, the arrow will have no effect and may even return towards the one who shot it.

Amar bin Rabiyah once saw Sahl bin Hunaif, while he was taking a bath. He praised his handsome features and said: Wallah! I have never seen the skin of a virgin softer than him (Sahl). Afterwards Sahl fell to the ground. Rasulullah (S) came to Amar and said to him: Why one of you wishes to kill his brother? Why did you not recite Barak Allah (Allah Bless it)? Afterwards he cured Sahl. Another Hadith say:

“The Evil Eye is true, so perform Wazu for (removing) it”.

Evil Eye is divided in two forms, human and Jinn related. Umm al Mumineen, Umme Salama (R.A) narrated: “Once Rasulullah (S) saw a young girl, who had positive signs of Evil Eye on her face. He instructed: Seek Doa for her, because she is touched by the (Jinn) Evil Eye”.

Rasulullah (S) has advised to recite Ruqya (plural is Ruqa, meaning a charm or spell, either written or spoken, formulae of Doa) as divine remedy, against fever, the Evil Eye and sores. Ruqya consists in the pronouncing of supernatural expression to influence an enchantment. When it is other than Quraan, or a recommended Adyaat (plural of Doa), it is disapproved. It is permitted on the condition that it brings benefit to people and does not harm anyone. A Hadith says:

“We use a spell (Ruqya) against the Evil Eye. It is also used against poison, bites, and fever”

It is noteworthy to mention that one of the “Rasail” of “Ikhwan us Safa”, vol. No. IV of Imam Ahmad al Mastur has dealt in length on the difficult topic of magic, Tawiz and the Evil Eye.

A Hadith says:

The Evil Eye is true, and if there is anything that would precede fortune, it would be the Evil Eye.

Another Hadith says:

“There is a remedy for every malady”

Ruqya is a valuable tool for treating a variety of disorders and diseases. This may include snake or scorpion’s bite, the Evil Eye and problems that Jinn may cause. Surat al Falaq and Surat al Naas (No. 113 & 114) are best weapons against ill forces as well as Evil Eye. Rasulullah (S) recited these Surats for protection. Rasulullah (S) used to recite Surats and infuse his breath into his hands and rub his hands over his body, for Barakaat (“Daem al Islam”, Syedna Qazi al Numan, vol. No. II, Qahera). “Al Tirmizi” narrated that Asma bint Umays (R.A.) submitted: “O Rasulullah (S)! Bani Jafar have been afflicted by the Evil Eye (often); shall we recite Ruqya for them?” He directed:

“Yes, for if anything was to overtake the divine decree it would be the Evil Eye.”

Ashaab recited Ayaat and sprinkled water and offered it to the afflicted person to drink for cure. It also helps to cool the effect of the evilness. Those who reject the benefits of Sunnat are devoid of the advantage and benefit from it.

Following Ayaat are recommended for the removal of Evil Eye:

“Hasbi Allahu Laa ilaaha illa Huwa, Alayhi Tawakkaltu wa Huwa Rabb ul Arshil Azeem”. (Allah is sufficient for me. There is no God but He (Allah). Upon Him I put my trust and He is the Lord of the Mighty Throne”, (Surat al Taubah- 9: Ayat No.129).

“Risalah Dafiat al Ahzaan” of Syedi Qamaruddin provides us very affective instruction as remedy to remove the Evil Eye. Syedna Ibrahim Wajhiyuddin transmitted it. Recite this course eleven days precisely:

  • 110 times “Allahu Hafizun Allahu Nazirun Allahu Nasirun Allahu Mughisun Allahu Moinun”.
  • 21 times recite the Ayaat No 3-4, Surat No.67. And say: In the name of Allah a command that restraints, a hard rock and a blazing star: I ask that the Evil Eye return to the person who launched it and on the dearest people to him (the envious person himself).

Quraan provides divine protection from fears proceeding from visible as well as invisible, known as well as unknown, physical as well as supernatural forces. Another highly recommended direction to remove the Evil Eye is provided by “Al Majmuah al Muayyadiyah” as follows:

  • 7 times Salawaat
  • 7 times Ayat al Kursi
  • 7 times Surat al Ikhlaas
  • 7 times Surat al Falaq
  • 7 times Surat al Naas
  • 7 times Salawaat

Sources of the Sacred Scriptures agreed unanimously that Evil Eye is real. Quraan says:

“And verily, those who disbelieve would almost make you slip with their eyes (through hatred)”, (Surat al Qalam-69: Ayat No.51).

A Hadith say:

“There is no Ruqya except in the case of the Evil Eye or fever.”

Jibrael used to do Ruqya for Rasulullah (S) and say as follow:

“Bismillaahi Arqika Min Kulli Shayin Yudhika, Min Sharri Kulli Nafsin Aw Aynin Hasid Allahu Yashfika, Bismillaahi Arqika” (In the name of Allah I perform Ruqya for you, from everything that is harming you, from the evil of every soul or envious eye may Allah heal you, in the name of Allah I perform Ruqya for you).”

A precaution should be taken daily as protection against the possible attack of Evil Eye. It does not contradict with the faith of Tawakkul, which means putting one’s trust in Allah. Syedna Qazi al Nauman provides us an authentic reference in this regard in volume No II of “Daem al Islam”. Imam Jafar Assadiq says: Rasulullah (S) used to seek refuge from the Evil Eye for Imam Hasan and Imam Husain. He used to take Imam Hasan on his right thigh and Imam Husain on his left and recited following Doa:

“Oeezuka Bi Kalimatallah al Tammati Min Kulli Shaytanin wa Hammatin wa Min Kulli Aynin Lammatin” (I seek refuge for both of you in the Perfect Words of Allah, from every devil and every poisonous reptile, and from every Evil Eye).

Rasulullah (S) used to say: “My ancestor Ibrahim (A.S.) used to offer Doa for the protection of his sons Ismail (A.S.) and Ishaq (A.S.), as above. This Doa should be recited 21 times and put hand over the head of the afflicted ones. Rasulullah (S) forbade the use of Tawiz (charms or amulets) except from the Quraan or those, which mention the names of Allah. Tawiz signifies a kind of amulet, or charm, which bears an inscription and is worn by man, woman or child, to protect against the Evil Eye, fright, and supernatural ill influences.The writer is Attorney at Law & Religious Scholar
Qazi Dr. Shaikh Abbas Borhany
PhD (USA), NDI, Shahadat al A’alamiyyah (Najaf, Iraq), M.A., LLM (Shariah)
Member, Ulama Council of Pakistan
Email address: qazishkborhany@hotmail.com

This document may be used, only with this copyright notice included. Permission is granted to circulate among private individuals and groups, to post on internet forums, and include in not-for-profit publications subject to the following conditions: (1) Material used must be produced faithfully in full, without alteration or omission; (2) The author’s subject title must remain unchanged, in whole or in part; (3) Material must be attributed to the author Dr. Qazi Shaikh Abbas Borhany. Contact the author for all other rights, which are reserved.

Professional exploiters, commonly known as spiritual healers, whose majority consist of the clergy, mislead the masses, who approach them in trouble. These Thugs use all tactics to grab money and valuables in the name of cure from the Evil Eye. Many women, who visit these Amils and Mullas, become targeted and lose their chastity. It is time that now not only the concern authorities, but law enforcing agencies should take serious action to eliminate these criminal clerics. An article published in "The Economist", December 23rd 2006 insulted the faith of Muslims on Jinn and invisible forces. The Christian writer attempted…

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