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Arabaeen 1441 (2019) Documentary

Watch this short documentary on the amazing experience of this spiritual journey of Arbaeen E Imam Hussain AS Millions for one who was alone in Ashura. Documentary by Firoz Kanchwala of Anjuman E Hussain, Dubai Read More »

Distance of Sun from the Earth in a Convincing Manner


Imam Ali (a.s.) 1400 years back told us about the exact distance of the earth from the sun in a convincing manner without confusing. A man asked Imam Ali (a.s.) in Masjid-e-Kufa, “What is the distance between me and (pointing towards the sun) and the sun”. It is worth mentioning here about the complexity of this question. This man was ... Read More »

Rare Old Photos of Mecca during Hajj

Old Photos of Mecca 04

Read More »

Evil Eye, in the Sacred Science

Blue eyed white cat

Professional exploiters, commonly known as spiritual healers, whose majority consist of the clergy, mislead the masses, who approach them in trouble. These Thugs use all tactics to grab money and valuables in the name of cure from the Evil Eye. Many women, who visit these Amils and Mullas, become targeted and lose their chastity. It is time that now not ... Read More »

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