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Amazing Balloon Fashion Show

Balloon Fashion Show Pic-09

We think of twisting balloons together as entertainment for little kids, but these photos Taken at a “Balloon Fashion Show” in China illustrate how far it has come as An art form. Some are amazingly imaginative and detailed! Read More »

Cut Paper Art

Cut Paper Art 08

Read More »

Lovely Finger Art Actions

Finger Art Rabbit

Here is a collection of lovely finger shapes, every¬†one specially children enjoy with these shapes a lot. Children required your guidance to perform this easy task, guide them and enjoy with your child. Rabbit Horse Camel Elephant Goat Bird Face Fox Face Tortoise Face Dog Bear Pig Read More »

Best statues in the world

Santa Fe

De Vaartkapoen Location: Brussels , Belgium Low down, a young rebel, the Vaartkapoen, reminiscent of a jack-in-the- box, topples over a policeman higher up, thus overthrowing his authority. Body Parts in the Water? Location: Stockholm, Sweden This work of art is located in Stockholm, Sweden and currently only consists of two body parts. The index finger on the hand points ... Read More »

illusion Count the horses

illusion count the horses

Can you count the horses in the picture provided here. It is a lovely painting illusion count the horses. This painting is titled “Pintos” and was painted by Bev Doolittle. How many horses can you find in this classic piece of art? Bev Doolittle is an American artist working mainly in watercolor paints. She creates paintings of the American West ... Read More »

3Doodler – The worlds first 3D printing pen

the worlds first 3d printing pen

3Doodler is only and the worlds first 3D Printing Pen. Using ABS plastic (the material used by many 3D printers), 3Doodler draws in the air or on surfaces. Its compact and easy to use, and requires no software or computers. One just plug it into a power socket and can start drawing anything within minutes. Doodler – The worlds first ... Read More »

Paper cutting art Using One Piece of Paper

paper cutting art 01

Peter Callesen born on 1967 in Denmark creates an amazing small paper sculptures as well as framed wall objects, all made from A4 white paper. Check out some of his beautiful work of art.. truly awesome! Some framed works Paper Cutting Art Read More »

Logos with hidden meanings

amazon logo

AMAZON The arrow from A to Z, symbolizes what Amazon is known for selling everything under the sun. It also serves as a smile, making the company feel friendly and approachable. ATLANTA FALCONS This logo of Atlanta Falcon doubles as an actual Falcon, and an ‘F’ for Falcons. BASKIN ROBBINS This logo of Baskin Robbins subtly incorporates the number “31” ... Read More »

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