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Cano Cristales – colorful river in Colombia

the river that ran away to paradise

The river shown in the photographs below is the Cano Cristales, which is located near the town of La Macarena in Colombia, South America. The river, world famous for its colorful display. The bed of river in the end of July through November is variously colored yellow, green, blue, black, and especially red, the last caused by the Macarenia clavigera ... Read More »

Pakistan old pictures and photos

Emperior Market, Karachi (Photo of 1900)

Here are ┬ásome rare Pakistan old pictures, these are of historical places of major Pakistan cities. The photos taken between 1800 and 1900, after looking these photographs you surely remember that golden days of Pakistan history. Pakistan Old Pictures: Markaz-e-Numaish, Lahore (Photo of 1864) Sadar Bazar, Karachi (Photo of 1900) Station, Rawalpindi (Photo of 1885) Lahore Fort (Shahi Qila), Lahore ... Read More »

Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel

Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel

Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel (MMMBT) is the 4.6 mile-long (7.4 km) Hampton Roads tunnel crossing for Interstate 664. It is a four-lane bridge-tunnel comprised of bridges, trestles, man-made islands and tunnels under a portion of the Hampton Roads harbor where the James, Nansemond and Elizabeth Rivers come together in South Hampton Roads, in the south-eastern portion of Virginia in the United ... Read More »

Seagaia Ocean Dome – world’s largest indoor waterpark

Seagaia Ocean Dome Japan

What do you think is inside this building? It’s Seagaia Ocean Dome in Japan When the roof is closed, you still get blue sky and puffy white clouds The Seagaia Ocean Dome, was one of the world’s largest Polynesia-themed indoor waterpark, located in Miyazaki, Japan. The Ocean Dome, which was a part of the Sheraton Seagaia Resort, measured 300 metres ... Read More »

Ark hotel concept – Dome shaped Oasis at sea

ark hotel

The dome shaped Ark hotel project was designed by Russian architectural firm Remistudio with the assistance of the International Union of Architects program Architecture for Disasters Relief. Addressing growing concern over climate change and the rising level of the world’s oceans, Remistudio has designed a massive hotel concept that can endure extreme floods. The arch-shaped building, dubbed the Ark, has ... Read More »

Clive Christian No.1 – Most expensive perfume

Clive Christian No. 1

Clive Christian No. 1 – Imperial Majesty was the most expensive perfume in the world as of 2006, costing $2,150 an ounce. Perfume bottle is made from crystal. Clive Christian No. 1 is an English fragrance that was introduced in 2001 by designer Clive Christian, it is part of his definitive collection and marketed by parent company Crown Perfumery established ... Read More »

Udachnaya pipe Russia – The world biggest hole

Udachnaya pipe

The Udachnaya pipe (literally lucky pipe) is the largest diamond deposit in the Daldyn-Alakit kimberlite field in Sakha Republic, Russia and one of the largest in the world. It is an open-pit mine located just outside the Arctic circle and it is more than 600 meters (1980 feet) deep. It is the third deepest open-pit mine in the world (after ... Read More »

Most beautiful temples in the world


Here is the top most beautiful temples of around the world with lovely temple pictures and short information of each wonderful temple. Tiger’s Nest Monastery Tiger’s Nest Monastery, perched precariously on the edge of a 3,000-feet-high cliff in Paro Valley, is one of the holiest places in Bhutan Wat Rong Khun Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Mai, Thailand is unlike ... Read More »

Burj khalifa – tallest building in the world

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa formerly known as Burj Dubai, is the world’s tallest skyscraper located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the tallest man-made structure ever built, at 828 m (2,717 ft). Construction began on 21 September 2004, with the exterior of the structure completed on 1 October 2009. The building officially opened on 4 January 2010. The world’s tallest tower, developed ... Read More »

Mukesh Ambani house “Antilla”

Antilla - Roof

Mukesh Ambani house called Antilla, is the world’s largest and most expensive home. A 27-story skyscraper in downtown Mumbai with a cost nearing $2 billion. Mukesh Ambani house Reliance Industries was founded by Mukesh’s father, Dhirubhai Ambani, in 1966, and is India’s most valuable firm by market capitalization. The Ambanis build a custom home. They consulted with architecture firms Perkins ... Read More »

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