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Ramadan diet for better health

ramadan diet

This article provides useful advice on how to avoid some common problems encountered for Ramadan diet. If followed, it would enable one to fast comfortably and enjoy fully the spiritual benefits of Ramadan. During the holy month of Ramadan, our diet should not differ very much from our normal diet and should be as simple as possible. The diet should ... Read More »

Laylatul Qadr – A blessed night

Laylatul Qadr

Meaning of Lailatul Qadr: Literally translated Lailatul Qadr means the “the night of power.” The night itself is great because a great Book (the Quran) was revealed by a great Angel (Jibraeel) to a great Prophet (Mohammed SAW) for a great Nation (the Muslims). It could also mean that a person who spends the night in repentance and worship becomes ... Read More »

Ramadan – the month of blessings, forgiveness and fasting


Ramadan – This word literally means “One that Burns” According to scholars, in this month the Sins are burnt away… therefore it is called Ramadan. The Month of Ramadan begins when the new Crescent is sighted on the 29th of Shabaan, otherwise it starts after the 30 days of Shabaan are completed. It is the month during which prophet hood ... Read More »

Ramadan Recommended Diet

ramdan and dates

Drink Plenty of Water Proper hydration is essential during Ramadan. Drink plenty of fruit juice and water during Suhoor and bedtime to maintain proper fluid levels. This helps avoid common health problems associated with dehydration such as headache and fatigue. Replace Sugar with Fruit Sugar absorbs necessary vitamins and minerals from our bodies. During Ramadan, it is important to retain ... Read More »

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