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Hajj: Exclusive Kaabah Kiswah Change

Hajj: Exclusive Kaabah Kiswah Change

Video of Kiswah (Kaabah cover) Change Wish Eid ul Adha with E-greeting Related Links: Kiswah – Significants of Kaaba cover Kaaba Old Photos of 1880 and 1953 Hajj Live HD from Makkah Read More »

DIY Diwali Decoration Ideas : Floating Candles on water

Floating Candles on water

Home decoration ideas specially for Diwali and Christmas. Make simple floating candles. Wish DIWALI to ur Family & friends in a new way visit – iWishingU.com Read More »

BRAINVITA / PEG SOLITAIRE – Know how to solve the game


BrainVita (or Peg Solitaire or Solo Noble) is a board game for one player involving movement of pegs on a board with holes. Some sets use marbles in a board with indentations. The game is known simply as Solitaire in the United Kingdom where the card games are called Patience. It is also referred to as Brainvita (especially in India). ... Read More »

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